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liquorice and lemons

Life is full of little moments – sorrows, joys, jokes, disappointments, tears, laughter and so much more that we cannot put a finger on. The performance follows a couple through these moments of connection and loss of it between each other.

 Because, even after a sour nosh of lemons or a bitter bite of liquorice, the taste in your mouth stays oh so sweet.


Liquorice and Lemons is a show for children and child- minded, reminding, how simple, honest and playful life truly can be.


“Liquorice and Lemons” is a story of simple joys and sorrows of everyday life. It tells a story of a couple, searching for their place in the world, travelling with just a few things – a rag rug, a flower, an ukulele and each other, making them feel like home wherever they are.

We wish to bring to audience moments that they can recognise, to make life exciting and not take it too seriously, even when they grow tired of each other, even if days look just like the ones before…there is always something to do about it, joy to be found in outwitting another, beauty to be seen in colours of a flower.

Duration: ca 25 min
Age: 3-14

Performers: Juha-Matti eskelinen (FIN), Grete Gross (EST)
Idea: Juha-Matti eskelinen (FIN), 
Grete Gross (EST)
Outside-eye/ choreography: Agnese Vanaga (Lat)

music composed by Karlis auzanis (Lat)

co-production: Riga circus, re Riga Festival (LAT)


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