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Drüaad takes the audience to the land of fairy tales, where trees dance along with their inhabitants, where leaves offer nests and cover for the loneliest and where the hidden wonders become revealed. IInspired by nymphs and stories of forest fairies, it is a journey for the believers of magic or for those who need a reminder of its existence.

Drüaad is a site-specific performance built around a "home-tree", where aerial hammocks will be hanged. in addition to that, the show is created together with (preferably local) musicians, finding locations on spot to use for creating an interactive walking journey in the performance area.


Artist: Grete Gross

Team: Various musicians and co-creators changing for every performance

Disciplines: Aerial hammock, at times vertical tissue

Duration: approximately 40' to 1h

Age target: all ages

Language: Estonian/english or non-verbal, depending on location

Technical requirements: Outdoor show. The piece can be performed on one tree or many trees, where at height of 3 to 10 meters rigging possibilities can be found (branches, carriage of 500 kg weight is needed). The best are big trees with many branches, such as oaks, maples, alders etc.

People on tour: 1, technical assistants necessary for build up and during show

Sound: Live  musicians


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