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Show program

Big wolf company offers an experience program for events. Everything that qualifies as breathtaking, enthralling, creating beauty and enchantment.

Cloud swing

The cloud swing is Grete's ampluaa. Flying, eye-catching, full of fast spins, big air flights and up and down swings.

"This is the freedom of flying. Shapes, patterns, flight, falls, turns, speed. An opportunity to keep the audience breathing in one rhythm, to keep them on their toes."

attaches to two points, each with a minimum load capacity of 500 kg. min height 4.5 m


air ring

The air ring is Lizeth's main tool. His movement on it is fluid, fascinating, aesthetic. Of course there is

gasp-making stunts in their place.

attaches to one point. min load capacity 500 kg. height variable.



Bambuk is the duo area of Lizeth and Grete. A metal tube attached to the ceiling, on which to defy gravity and provide eye candy.

"With this tool, cooperation becomes the most important thing - listening to each other, common rhythm and immediate response, no matter what surprises come up."

Fastens from one point, load capacity min. 500 kg, height min. 5.5 m.

vertical fabric

vertical fabric is perhaps the most seen area of aerial acrobatics. up and down through the heights, many are familiar with big downward spins and beautiful positions.

The magic of the vertical fabric is that instead of one artist, there can be two, three, five or more artists moving in sync under the ceiling.

fixed at one point, min. load capacity 500 kg

Aerial net_1135_edited.jpg

aerial network

The main effect of the net is a constant spinning, going through different positions in rapid motion.

"I once started experimenting with the Internet for a larger production. It quickly became clear that it is still a terribly uncomfortable and painful tool. But if you get over it, the spinning itself has a really magical and hypnotizing effect."

attachment from one point, min. load capacity 500 kg, height min. 4m


Didn't find what you were looking for? There are possibilities and more. Big Wolf Company works with many acrobats, jugglers, magicians. Got a crazy idea? Feel free to ask - maybe we can find a way to make it happen. Get in touch and we'll talk in more detail about what we've already done.

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